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Activate your XLRISK license key on Windows

Follow this guide to activate your XLRISK license key.

XLRISK must be downloaded and installed on your machine before the activation process. In order to be able to activate your key, you must first:

  • Make sure that Excel is closed

  • Go to the Windows Start menu and look for the XLRISK License manager.

Automatic activation of your XLRISK license

Once you open the XLRISK License manager:

  • Enter your license key in the corresponding field within the License activation part.

  • Click on Activate license.

XLRISK will the try to connect to our server. If you are online and your activation key is correct, you should be notified of the successful activation of XLRISK.

If you see this message, it means XLRISK is correctly activated. If not, it is likely that XLRISK was unable to connect to our server. Please refer to the next section for details on how to proceed in this situation.

Manual activation of your XLRISK license

When should I opt for a manual activation?

The failure of automatic activation can either come from the absence of an Internet connection or from a firewall blocking communications with the XLRISK server. Manual activation is the solution.

Please note that this process requires at least Internet access via browser. This access can be done from a computer other than the one where XLRISK will be installed.

How do I access the manual activation window?

Case 1

If you find yourself in any of the above cases, the offline activation window automatically appears.
Below are the steps to follow in details:

Step 1: Proceed according to your case:

  • If your computer has access to the Internet, even regulated, please go to .

  • If it is isolated from the network, you must copy the given link to the browser of a computer with access to it in order to access the activation site.

Step 2: Copy the activation request given by the dialog box and paste it into the Certificate box on your browser. Click Generate Unlock File.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded XLSTAT_Activation.bin file. It is likely saved to your downloads folder.

Step 4: Go back to the activation window and click on Browse. Go to the directory where the XLSTAT_Activation.bin file is located and select the file. Then click on Open.

Step 5: A message should appear to inform you of the successful activation.

XLRISK is now ready for use.

Case 2:

If the offline activation window does not appear automatically, you have the option of triggering it manually. To do this, please enter your license key and then select the Manual (offline) activation method.

You will then have access to the offline activation window. Follow the steps mentioned above to manually activate your license.

If this fails again, please make sure that no error has been made when copying the information between the software and the activation web link. Otherwise do not hesitate to contact our support.

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