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XLSTAT installation wizard quits

If your installation wizard disappears while installing XLSTAT, then it is possible that the software is detected as malicious software by your antivirus when it is actually safe.

Why your antivirus detects XLSTAT as malicious software?

The policy regarding virus detection for VBA programs has recently changed and since XLSTAT must use VBA in order to function within Microsoft Excel, certain antivirus may falsely detect our software as a virus.

We can guarantee that XLSTAT is safe for your computer. Actually, XLSTAT is controlled every day by more than 60 antiviruses which approve it as a safe software. Moreover, it holds security software indicating our company as the legal owner and the creator of the XLSTAT code.

What to do if the XLSTAT installation is blocked by an antivirus?

The first step is to add the XLSTAT installation folder as an exception to your antivirus. Here are two examples:

You may also report the false-positive to your antivirus provider so that they can verify and add XLSTAT as safe software in their system.

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