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Installing XLSTAT Server with the XLSTAT Network Concurrent License


XLSTAT offers concurrent licenses. These are network licenses and can be installed on a server / client network. For more information on what is the concurrent license, please refer to this guide.

This tutorial explains how to install and activate your XLSTAT concurrent license on your server machine.


Please refer to the Technical Requirements guide in order to be sure that the XLSTAT Network Concurrent License can be used on your network.

Downloading the server software

You can download the server software from this link: Download XLSTAT Netork License Server

Installation of the server

  1. Install xlstatnls.msi after downloading it,
  2. After the installation, the service XLSTATNLS should be added to your list of services,
  3. The service should have been started automatically. If it did not, simply right-click on it then select Start in the services list (accessible by pressing Windows + R, then typing services.msc).

Activating a network license on the server

Follow one of the two procedures in order to activate the license on the server that you have installed.

Please note that:

  • Trying to activate with more seats than what is remaining on your license key will result in an error.
  • Trying to activate a non-network license key here will result in an error.

Automatic method (requires an Internet connection)

Open a command line prompt then run this command (after replacing with your values):

xnlsadmin license activate LICENSE_KEY SEATS_AMOUNT

The SEATS_AMOUNT should either correspond to the maximum amount of seats that your license allows you to activate or a subset of that amount. It is possible by example to install more than one server and divide your seats in between them.

Manual method

The manual method allows to activate the software without an internet connection.

Please note however that activation files will have to be transfered from the server to a computer with an internet connection.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Run this command by replacing placeholders with your own values:
    xnlsadmin license activate LICENSE_KEY SEATS_AMOUNT --manual --output "WHERE_TO_SAVE_FILE"

    The SEATS_AMOUNT placeholder is described in the automatic method section. Refer to it for details. The WHERE_TO_SAVE_FILE placeholder should be replaced by a file path in which the activation file will be saved. An example would be "%USERPROFILE%\activation.bin".

  2. Transfer the file that was generated to a computer that can access Internet,
  3. Navigate to our activation website: XLSTAT Activation website,
  4. Upload the file that you transfered to this computer then validate the form,
  5. A new file should be downloaded. Transfer this file back to the server,
  6. On the server, run the import command:
    xnlsadmin license import "PATH_TO_ACTIVATION_RESPONSE_FILE"
    Replace PATH_TO_ACTIVATION_RESPONSE_FILE with the path to the file that you transfered to this server.
  7. The server should be activated with your license.

Deactivating a license from the server

The deactivation procedure is the same as the activation one expect that the deactivate command should be used, and that no seat amount has to be provided.

xnlsadmin deactivate LICENSE_KEY

If you prefer to perform the manual deactivation operation, refer to the manual activation procedure while changing the commands to deactivate and by using the deactivation web service instead of the activation one.

Upgrade and license update

Refer to the corresponding guide in order to upgrade your server to a new version or to update its license after a renewal.

Remote administration tool

We provide a tool that allows the easy management of the XLSTAT License server. It allows to review the license information, its usage by the XLSTAT clients and the ability to assign tokens to the users. It is introduced in the Administration of the license server guide.

Advanced configuration and management

The license server can be further configured for it to adjust to the requirements of your organization network. Help on this subject is given on the Advanced usage of the XLSTAT Network License Server guide.

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