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Migrate from version 1 to version 2 of the XLSTAT Network License Server


The first XLSTAT Netork License Server version (version 1.0.xxxx) has to be uninstalled before the installation of the version 2. In order to keep your usage and license information from the previous server, you can follow this procedure in order to migrate the data from the old to the new installation.

Before starting

This guide covers the only migration from the version 1.0.xxxx of the XLSTAT Network License server to the new version 2.x.x. It does not cover the upgrade of the version 2 with a newer version. For this, please refer to the appropriate guide.

Migration procedure

  1. Stop the currently installed server (using XLSTAT-Server-Stop.bat as an administrator),
  2. Uninstall the service by launching the XLSTAT-Server-Uninstall.bat script as an administrator,
  3. Remove the service installation using the Programs & Features menu (or Apps & Features or Add & Remove Programs, depending on the Windows version). The program to remove is XLSTAT Network Server,
  4. Open a file explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData, which might be hidden,
  5. Rename the folder flexnetls to addinsoft,
  6. Inside the newly renamed folder, create a new folder named xlstatnls,
  7. Rename the existing folder ts to the new name db,
  8. Move the db folder inside the xlstatnls folder,
  9. To summarise, the old folder path C:\ProgramData\flexnetls\ts should be now C:\ProgramData\addinsoft\xlstatnls\db,
  10. Perform the installation of the new XLSTAT Network license server as described in the Downloading the server software and Installation of the server sections of the install guide. No further license activation is required as it was migrated with the previous steps of this procedure.

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