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Installing XLSTAT 365


XLSTAT 365 is a user-friendly cloud-based application for statistics and data analysis that works as an add-on to Microsoft Excel 365. With XLSTAT 365 enjoy access to all mainstream statistical features anytime, anywhere from your PC, MAC or Tablet.

XLSTAT 365 runs across multiple versions of Office including Office for Windows Desktop, Office Online, Office for Mac, and Office for iPad.

You can follow this quick guide on how to install the XLSTAT 365 software.

Installing XLSTAT 365

1. After opening Excel, click on Insert > Store.

2. The dialog box below should appear.

3. Enter "xlstat 365" in the search zone.

4. Click on the Add button.

5. XLSTAT 365 will be installed. A new tab, named XLSTAT 365, will be added to your Excel interface. 

XLSTAT 365 Registration

In order to access the software, you must create an XLSTAT 365 account 

1. Click on the Home button on the left of the ribbon. The dialog box below should appear. Click on the Register link on bottom left of the dialog box.

2. Enter your E-mailPassword and Confirm password. Then click on Sign up.

3. An information message should indicate that a confirmation email was sent to you. Click on Log in button.

4. Go to your email box and open the confirmation mail. Now click on Confirm.

5. Return on Excel. Go to the Home of XLSTAT 365 and enter your Email and Password.


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