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Activate your annual or perpetual XLSTAT license


You should activate XLSTAT with a license key in order to benefit from its advanced features. The process is the same for both PC and Mac. 

This guide will show you how to activate XLSTAT.

The software should be downloaded and installed prior to the activation process. If you have a perpetual license, please contact our support or log into your MyXLSTAT account to get your download link.

Activation of your annual or perpetual XLSTAT license

When you purchase your XLSTAT license, you receive a license key. This process can take up to 12 hours.

If you purchased a Campus license, please note it is required that Excel is started as an administrator during the XLSTAT activation process. A message would otherwise indicate you that XLSTAT cannot be activated for the whole computer. This is not required if you purchased a regular single-user XLSTAT license.

Once you receive your key, to activate XLSTAT, you may either:

  • Open the software and click on the Activate your license button within the Welcome dialog box.
  • Open the software, click on XLSTAT > Activate your license.

Please enter your license key in the dialog box that opens. A username is provided by default in the dialog box. It corresponds to your user session name. It can be modified if it doesn't suit you. Continue by clicking on the Validate button.

XLSTAT will then connect to our server. If you are online and if your activation key is correct, you should be informed of the successful activation of XLSTAT.

If you are able to see this message, XLSTAT is now activated! If you don't, it is likely that XLSTAT couldn't connect to our activation servers. Please refer to the next section for details on how to proceed.

Manual activation of your XLSTAT license

Why do I have to activate it manually?

A failed attempt to activate usually means that XLSTAT was unable to connect to the activation server, in order to activate the license. This can be due to a lack of Internet connection or because of a too restrictive firewall (in a company network, by example). In this case, you need to run a manual activation of XLSTAT.

Please note that this process requires a computer with Internet access. It doesn't have to be the same computer that you want to install XLSTAT on.

How to access the manual activation window?

If you are in the situation described above, the "Generate the unlock file" window should then appear.

If this window does not appear, you have the option of triggering it manually. To do this, please enter your license key and click on the Options button.

The "License Options" window then opens and you can click on Start button in the "Manual Activation" section.

You will then have access to the "Generate the unlock file" window.

Manual activation procedure: 

Here are the steps to follow from the "Generate the unlock file" window to activate your license manually.

Step 1: Proceed according to your situation:

  • If your computer in connected to the Internet, go to on your internet browser.
  • Otherwise, open the link on a computer with internet access.

Step 2 (campus license only): If you are activating a Campus license, please check the Activate a campus license checkbox,

Step 3: Copy the activation code given by the Generate the unlock file window and paste it in the Request box in your browser. Activate the I'm not a robot checkbox then click on Generate the unlock file.

Step 4: A file is automatically downloaded. It is likely that it is added to your Downloads folder. Its name is XLSTAT_Activation.bin.

Step 5: Back on the manual activation window, please click on Select. You will be prompted to browse to and select a file. Select the XLSTAT_Activation.bin file you just downloaded. Click on Open.

Step 6: A message should then inform you of the success of the activation.

XLSTAT is now ready to use.

If the activation still fails, please start the process again and make sure no mistake is made while copying the information from the software to the web activation form. Feel free to contact our support if you need help.

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