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Introduction to the license server remote administration tool


The license server can be administrated remotly using a simple administrative interface. It allows to review the license information, the server usage and to manage the assignments of tokens to XLSTAT clients. This guides is an introduction to its usage.

Downloading and installing the software

The administration software can be downloaded here and installed on any Windows workstation. It does not have to be installed on the license server itself. It should however be on the same network (local or VPN) so the tool can communicate with the server.

In order to perform the installation, simply run the downloaded executable, validate the license terms then wait for the installation to accomplish.

Startup of the tool then connection to a license server

Once the software has been installed, you have to create a connection to the license server that has to be managed. To do so,

  1. Click on the New server button on the home page,
  2. Fill in the server information:
    • An arbitrary alias name for the server,
    • Address to the server or its IP address,
    • The port the server listens on (7070 by default).
  3. Click on the Save button,
  4. Connect to the server using the Connect button.

Connection to a license server

Once these steps were done, the server connection will be saved for future use. It can be selected directly in the list then the connection can be initialized by clicking on Connect.

If the administration security was enabled on the server, provide the required credential (username and password) for the authentication to be done.

The Use secured connection checkbox should only be checked if the appropriate configuration has been done on the license server in order to allow HTTPS connections. Leave unchecked if unsure.

Management of the license

The server license can be activated or deactivated using the Licenses management tab. Simply follow the instructions given on the dialog boxes to proceed.

Viewing the XLSTAT clients usage

This tools allows for a quick review of the users that are using XLSTAT. This is possible via the Clients management tab. This screen lists the clients that are currently connected to the service.

The Show all known clients button allows you to request a list of all clients that launched XLSTAT and connected to this license server.

Clicking on the clients from either list should open a window listing details about that specific client. The Load History button allows to request the usage history of XLSTAT by this specific client.

Managing token assignments

Assigning a token corresponds to the action of always keeping a token available for a specific XLSTAT client, identified by its host id.

Assigning a token reduces the total amount of tokens available to other users, but will ensure that this specific user is always able to launch XLSTAT. This assignment is not permanent as it can be revoked at any time using this administration tool.

In order to create an assignment, simply click on New assignment, select the license the client should always have access to and provide the HostID of the client to assign for.

That hostid can be retrieved from the client's support file, which can be generated on the XLSTAT client (About XLSTAT > Technical information > Support file). If the alias name or the Mac address of the XLSTAT client is known, it can also be selected in the list of known clients for the hostid to be automatically filled in.

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