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Installing R for XLSTAT-R

This tutorial explains how to quickly install the R software on your machine.

Having R installed on your computer is a necessary step for XLSTAT-R to work. XLSTAT-R uses the current R version installed on your computer. We recommend that you install R version 3.4.2 or later.

Installing R for XLSTAT-R in Windows

1. If you are using Windows, download the R software at: 2. Double-click the downloaded file. This will open a Security Warning window. Click Run. 3. Select the Setup Language and click OK. The Welcome to the Setup Wizard window opens:

4. Click Next. The GNU General Public License is then displayed in a new window:

5. Click Next. The next window allows you to choose the Destination Location. By default, this is the Program Files folder. Click Browse if you wish to select another location.

  1. Click Next. The next window allows you to select the installation components. Check the 32-bit files for a 32-bit installation or the 64-bit files for a 64-bit installation.

7. Click Next. This will bring you to the Startup options window where you can specify whether you want to customize the startup options.

  1. Select No and click Next. The next window allows you to select the Start Menu folder.

  2. Click Next. The Additional Tasks window opens. Select whether you want to create a desktop and/or a Quick Launch icon. Leave the Registry entries activated.

10. Click Next to start the installation.

  1. Once the installation has been completed, click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.You are now ready to use XLSTAT-R. Check out our tutorial on how to get started with XLSTAT-R here.

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