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Deployment of the XLSTAT concurrent license within a computer network

The network license of XLSTAT allows system administrators to manage the activation of the software in a centralized fashion. Combined with remote deployment of the silent installer, it can be used to easily handle the whole installation, activation and upgrade of XLSTAT on the workstations that are part of the network of your organisation.

This document will guide you through the tasks involved.

Introduction to the network license

Please refer to the What is XLSTAT network licensing? guide if you are not accustomed with the way concurrent licenses work or for details on how it is done for XLSTAT.


Firstly, we recommend that the license server is deployed on a private network and therefore should not be exposed to the Internet. VPN networks can however be used for the purpose of granting access of remote devices to the licensing service.

The installation of the network server should be done on a 64-bit version of Windows Server. Please refer to this Technical requirements for XLSTAT Network Concurrent License guide for details.

The server will serve licenses on the TCP port 7070 (by default). The XLSTAT clients should therefore be able to reach the server on that port.

Installing the license server

Start off by installing and activating the XLSTAT license server. This is covered by the following guide: Installing XLSTAT client and connecting to a license server.

Installing the XLSTAT clients

The XLSTAT clients can be installed in two ways:

  • A classic graphical installer to be ran directly on the workstations, after which XLSTAT can be configured to connect to the license server

  • A deployment instaler (.msi) which can at once:

    • Install XLSTAT in a silent way

    • Pre-configure it to connect to the license server

Classic installer

The classic installation is covered in this guide: Installing XLSTAT client and connecting to a license server.
Please note that this is the only method available for Mac clients.

Deployment on Windows workstations

The deployment can be done using our MSI installers. Their use is described in the following guide: XLSTAT silent installation on Windows.

Make sure to read the Before starting section.
Please refer to the table in the Customizing the installation section of the guide for details on the available options.

To do the automatic deployment you may have 2 options:

1. Using one command to install XLSTAT and activate the license connection by the same.
This option will activate the license only for the current session of the computer.

The command to be used is:

msiexec /i path\to\installer.msi ALLUSERSSETTINGS=1 SERVERHOST=address_of_your_server SERVERPORT=7070

Replace address_of_your_server by your server name or IP.
You can change the server port if you defined another one.

2. Using two commands, one to install and one to activate separately.
This second option might be necessary if you need to activate the license on the whole computer (not only on one session).


msiexec /i path\to\installer.msi ALLUSERSSETTINGS=1


xlc network connect address_of_your_server -global

Replace address_of_your_server by your server name or IP.
If you don't use the -global option, the connection will be done for the current user using the command.

If you wish to create a script for connecting the workstations to the server, you may read the xlc network commands section of this guide.

License renewal or upgrade of the server software

Firstly, please note that this has to be performed only when there is no XLSTAT clients currently connected to the license server.

If you renewed your license and have to update it on the server, or should you require to upgrade to a newer version of the XLSTAT license server software, please refer to the corresponding guide: Upgrading or updating license of the XLSTAT Network License server.

In both cases, no intervention is required on the XLSTAT clients installed on the workstations.

Updating the XLSTAT clients

The XLSTAT network license provides you with an access to the latest updates of XLSTAT. Should your users require a new feature that was just released, you can upgrade the clients by:

  • If you installed with our graphical installer, simply launch the one of the new version directly on the workstation to be updated

  • If you deployed XLSTAT on Windows workstations, you can also deploy the MSI file of the new version then upgrade via the command msiexec /i path\to\installer.msi. No further options are required for updating.


If you encounter a problem during any of the processes described here, please refer to this guide: How to troubleshoot your network license setup.

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