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Running XLSTAT the first time (Excel 2003 and earlier versions)

In order to get XLSTAT to run, you will need to set the Macros security level to Medium so that XLSTAT can run.

Here is how to proceed for Excel 2003.

Enable the Macros

Use the menu Tools / Macros / Security of Excel

XLSTAT - Statistical Analysis

Running XLSTAT

To run XLSTAT for the first time, you can either choose the option to start XLSTAT after the installation procedure, use the XLSTAT shortcut on your desktop, or launch Excel, then open the XLSTAT.xla file using the Excel open command.

If XLSTAT was installed for the first time, the 30 days trial version will start automatically. If you already used the trial version, you have to activate XLSTAT, you can find a tutorial here. Make sure to have full admin privileges when running XLSTAT for the first time.

If you are using XLSTAT for the first time, XLSTAT will add a new button buttongreen.gif in the Excel standard toolbar. The button can be used to open XLSTAT when you are using Excel, and can be removed if you wish. This button can also be used to close XLSTAT.

After completing this procedure, the XLSTAT toolbar and the XLSTAT menu will be added to Excel (see image below). Both the toolbar and the menu allow the user to access all XLSTAT functionalities.

XLSTAT - Data Analysis Software

The XLSTAT toolbar can be used to access sub-toolbars. By leaving the cursor on a button, you can see the corresponding function. By clicking on it, you activate the dialog box corresponding to the selected function.

XLSTAT - Data Analysis Software

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