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Installing XLSTAT on Windows

You can follow this quick guide on how to install the XLSTAT software on Windows.

Before starting

To make sure your system meets all the requirements XLSTAT needs to work properly, please follow this quick guide here.

Downloading XLSTAT

You can download the latest version of XLSTAT on the Free Trial page of our website.

Installing XLSTAT

Double-click on xlstat.exe.

Here is the first installation window. Installation_window1.png You can click on the Advanced button if you want to choose the folder in which XLSTAT will be installed. Installation_window2.png To install for all users of your Windows computer, select All users. To install only for your current Windows session, select Current user. This choice may allow you to be able to install XLSTAT when you don't have the administrator's privilege. Accept the terms of the license agreement in order to continue.

Upon clicking on Install, when installing for all users, the dialog pictured below should appear. Give your authorization by clicking on Yes. image_2.png The installation may require a few minutes. After it finishes, you can choose to run XLSTAT right away before exiting the wizard, we advise to do so to ensure that XLSTAT will run properly in Microsoft Excel. Installation_window3.png

Updating XLSTAT

If you want to update your XLSTAT version, you just need to download and install the latest XLSTAT version. No need to uninstall your current version. See this tutorial for further instructions.

Alternatively, you can click on the Update button through the XLSTAT menu. Updating.png

Activating XLSTAT

If you have purchased an XLSTAT license, then follow this guide to activate your license key.

Activating the 14 days Free Trial

Please follow this guide to activate your Trial license key.

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