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Quickly relaunch a pre-configured analysis on modified data

This tutorial will show you how to quickly obtain the precise dialog box configuration that lead to a specific XLSTAT result report and to launch the analysis on modified data.

Dataset to quickly relaunch a pre-configured analysis on modified data

The data have been obtained in Lewis T. and Taylor L.R. (1967). Introduction to Experimental Ecology, New York: Academic Press, Inc.. Rows correspond to 237 children described by their gender, age in months, height in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), and weight in pounds (1 pound = 0.45 kg).

Goal of this tutorial

We will run a simple linear regression with Weight as a dependent variable and Height as an explanatory variable. Then we will modify a value in the dataset and see how it is possible to quickly re-launch the pre-configured regression on the modified dataset in XLSTAT. We will use the re-launch button that appears at the top of the results report:
button (3).png

Setting up a simple linear regression in XLSTAT

After opening XLSTAT, select the XLSTAT / Modeling data / linear Regression command, or click on the corresponding button of the Modeling Data toolbar (see below).
Once you've clicked on the button, the Linear Regression dialog box will appear.
Select the data on the Excel sheet. In our case; the Dependent variable is Weight. The quantitative explanatory variable is Height.
linear regression general tab_DE (1).PNG
Click on OK to display the results.

Simple linear regression in XLSTAT: quick interpretation

According to the model parameters table, the intercept estimate equals -133 while the slope estimate is positive (3.818). Both estimates are statistically significant at 0.05 (p-value < 0.0001).
model parameters_DE (1).PNG
For further interpretations, please refer to the simple linear regression tutorial.

Modifying the data and launching the same pre-configured analysis

Imagine you need to modify your data and relaunch the analysis. For example, you might want to eliminate a gender in the dataset and quickly re-run the analysis on the other gender, or you might want to correct a mistake in the dataset and run the statistical feature on the corrected dataset without wasting time. The quick re-launch button in XLSTAT result reports allows you to open the dialog box with exactly the same configuration as the configuration that lead to the report in question.

In cell D4 of the data spreadsheet we consider that the 94.2 value is a mistake. Enter 110 instead.
In the previous linear regression result, click on the quick relaunch button. The pre-configured linear regression dialog box appears. Click on OK to launch the computations on the modified dataset.
According to the model parameters table, we notice a slight change in the estimates. For example the new slope estimate is 3.821.
model parameters 2_DE (1).PNG
Notice that you may also use this shortcut to re-launch an analysis on the same data, but with modified options. For example, you may be interested in displaying the Type I & III analysis of variance tables. All you need to do is click on the quick re-launch button, activate the option in the outputs tab, and click on OK.

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