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Upgrading or updating license of the XLSTAT Network License server

This guide describes the simple steps to be taken when the server or its license has to be updated.

Upgrading your license server installation

In order to upgrade the service, follow this procedure:

  • Note the current version of your license server, this will be used later in the procedure. You can find it via the Programs & Features menu, on the line where the XLSTAT License server installation appears. On Windows 10, this menu is now named Apps & features and the version can be displayed by firstly clicking on the network server application line,
  • Uninstall your current server installation,
  • Install the newly downloaded xlstatnls.msi,
  • If the major version number changes between your old version and the new one (eg: 1.x.x or 2.x.x upgraded to 3.x.x):
    • You may have to reactivate the license server installation using your license key. Instructions regarding this can be found on the server's installation guide,
    • You must reinstall your XLSTAT clients to a version that supports the communication with your new version of the license server,
  • You can now ensure that the server is working as expected by attempting to connect a XLSTAT client to it. Should you experience difficulties, please refer to our server troubleshooting guide.

Updating the server license after a renewal

Once you renewed your XLSTAT network license, it is required to update the server so it retrieves the new license information. Here is what should be done in that case:

  1. Make sure that no XLSTAT client is currently connected to the server,
  2. Deactivate the license currently on the server (section Deactivation a license from the server from this guide),
  3. Activate the new license (section Activating a network license on the server of the same guide).

Your server should now be activated with the new license.

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