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Free Case Studies and White Papers

Analyzing Performance in a CATA Experiment and Further Developing CATATIS with Givaudan

Collaborating with global taste and wellbeing leader, Givaudan, the XLSTAT R&D and Engineering teams further developed and improved the CATATIS feature.
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Written by Fabien Llobell

Choosing an appropriate method validation tool

This guide describes method validation tools and will help you figure out which method best fits your needs: Deming and Passing-Bablock regression - Bland-Altman analysis - Youden Plots.
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Written by Jean-Paul Maalouf

Which statistical test should you use?

We have written this guide to help you through the choice of an appropriate statistical test according to your question and the data you have. They are all available in XLSTAT.
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Written by Jean-Paul Maalouf

Measuring Consumer Preferences

Presentation of the XLSTAT Conjoint feature at Research & Results 2019. What is Choice-Based Conjoint analysis and how this method can be used in market research?
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Written by Thalia Anagnostou

A global socioeconomic study based on the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom

This white paper aims to identify groups of countries with similar socioeconomic indicators using the Index of Economic Freedom. Descriptive statistics, boxplots, k-means clustering and variables characterization are some of the XLSTAT tools used for the purpose of this analysis.
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Written by Marcel Camara

Analyzing climate data from 1850 to 2015

The aim of this analysis is to describe, visualize and forecast temperature changes on a global scale. To do this, we use XLSTAT time series analysis. Analyzing temporal data is a specific branch of data and statistical analysis. This type of data is called time series data. We will present various methods that can be used to analyze this type of data. The data used here are monthly air and ocean temperatures from 1850 to 2015.
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Written by Amaury Labenne

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