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Installing an old XLSTAT ( 2017.4) version on Mac

This guide explains how to install an old XLSTAT version (< 2017.4) on your Mac.

Before starting

To install XLSTAT on a Mac, you should have the administrator password for this machine.

Please note that you need a compatible version of MS Excel such as 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or 2016 (version 15.35 or higher).

Downloading XLSTAT

To obtain the download link of your XLSTAT version, please send us your license key at support@xlstat.com.

Installing XLSTAT

Start off by double-clicking on the file you just downloaded.

Select your language in the list.

Accept the license agreement.

Please input your administrator password when you are prompted to.

Choose to do a typical install.

If needed, you can change the installation directory.

Select which shortcut to XLSTAT should be created.

You can now click on Install.

Once XLSTAT is installed, you can start MS Excel. You should then enable the macros so that the software works properly.

You have now successfully installed XLSTAT on your Mac and you can start analyzing your data.

Activating XLSTAT

You can now set up the license key. More information on how to operate this task may be found in the Activate your license guide.

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