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Updating XLSTAT

In order to benefit from the latest features added to XLSTAT, it is important to keep it up-to-date. This can be done easily by using the My XLSTAT portal on our website. Here is an introduction on how to download the latest version of XLSTAT you have access to using this portal.

Download and install the latest version

Downloading the latest version you have free access to

If you have an ongoing annual license or a perpetual license, you can download the latest XLSTAT version your license gives you access:

  • In the case of an ongoing annual license, it will always be the most up-to-date version of XLSTAT.
  • For a perpetual license, it will correspond to the most up-to-date version if your upgrade & support period is still ongoing, or the latest version that was released before the end of it.

To start the download, all you have to do is clicking on the download icon corresponding to your license, pictured below.

Installing the latest download

On PC, once you downloaded the latest version, you can run the installer by double-clicking on it. Allow its execution and click Next when asked. XLSTAT will automatically be updated and ready for your work.

On Mac, please follow the Updating XLSTAT section in the Installing XLSTAT on Mac OS X guide.

If XLSTAT does not work properly after the update, please uninstall it completely from your computer before installing again the latest version you just downloaded.

More details on the installation process can be found on these guides:

Renew an expired license

On My XLSTAT, if the line corresponding to your license has a red background, it is very likely that your annual license has expired. For this reason you cannot download the latest version of XLSTAT. The license should be renewed for you to be able to download XLSTAT. A Renew button is available on the right, which will automatically select for you the update to be purchased on our Order screen.

Renew the upgrade & support period

An upgrade & support period of 1 year is bundled with a perpetual license. If it is still ongoing, you will be able to download the latest version of XLSTAT available. If it ended, you will only be able to download the last version that was released before the upgrade term ended.

To expand your access to free upgrades and support for another year, click on the button Update.

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