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Introduction to My XLSTAT

My XLSTAT is your user account that gives you a full control over your XLSTAT licenses: activations, downloads, renewals, new orders. Here is a quick guide on how to access and use your My XLSTAT account.

Accessing to MyXLSTAT

My XLSTAT is available for everyone who purchased an XLSTAT license since 2013*.

Please go to our website and click on the Login link at the page's top-right corner (see below). Then enter your username and password.

You should be able then to access to the panel by hovering Logged in as... and clicking My XLSTAT on the contextual menu that appears.

(*) If you purchased XLSTAT before 2013, please refer to the Order page to order new licenses or contact our support here for your update needs.


All the licenses linked to your account are listed on your MyXLSTAT page. For each, you have the possibility to:

  • Get your license key,

  • View the number of copies currently activated and total activations you have access to,

  • Download the latest version your license gives you free access to,

  • View the expiration date of an annual license or the maintenance expiration date of a a perpetual one,

  • Renew an annual license,

  • Update a perpetual license if your access to support and upgrades has expired.

Updating XLSTAT and its license

My XLSTAT allows you to update the software or renew your XLSTAT usage license. This is discussed in the following guides:

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