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Microsoft Excel 16.22 crash on Mac during XLSTAT launch

This problem concerns users who use XLSTAT on a Mac with a specific Microsoft Excel version (16.22 or 16.23). Specifically, a bug which appears in these two Microsoft Excel versions seems to cause the problem.

  • If you have an XLSTAT version lower than 2019.1:

In order to keep using XLSTAT on your Mac in this case, you need to use Microsoft Excel 16.21.

To do so, please follow the below procedure:

  1. Move Microsoft Excel to the recycle bin to delete.

  2. Download Microsoft Excel version 16.21 by clicking here.

  3. Execute the file to install Microsoft Excel 16.21

  • If you have access to version 2019.1:

The problem is solved in this version. Please log into your contact our support team to update your version.

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