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XLSTAT detected that one of its files is missing

This error message will appear when you are trying to activate your license. In this case XLSTAT will detect that one of its files is missing. It is possible that it was removed by your antivirus software. The xlc.exe file is blocked by a program, it might be the antivirus or a company’s domain’s rule (e.g. attack surface Reduction rules)
imagen.pngThe first procedure would be the following:

  1. Make sure that your Antivirus is not blocking some XLSTAT files (Antivirus doesn't always show an alert, so you should go to the quarantined files).

  2. Add the XLSTAT folder to the exclusion list (the best is to add the XLSTAT folder to the exclusion list to make sure the antivirus is not causing this). You can find an example here.

If your device is under your company's domain, we suggest you request the help of your IT service, and you can provide them with this tutorial to solve this.
A workaround may be to activate your license through the command prompt, you can find more information on how to do it in this tutorial.

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