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Updating your XLSTAT license on Mac

When you decide to add a new module, buy a maintenance plan or update your annual license, you need to update your XLSTAT license key.

Automatic updating

Open XLSTAT. Click on the About XLSTAT button from the XLSTAT Menu. In the License area, click on the Refresh button.


In most of the cases, your XLSTAT license will be automatically updated.

If XLSTAT is not able to retrieve automatically your license key, you can click on the Activate button to activate a new license.


Enter your license key and press Activate. The license is updated.

When firewalls are blocking your Internet connexion or when you do not have access to the Internet, you should manually update your license key.

Manually updating your license key

If the automatic process did not succeed. Please follow the guides to manually Deactivate and Activate your license key.

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