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Deactivate your XLSTAT license key

This tutorial will show you how to deactivate your XLSTAT license key. This is necessary before:

  • Formatting or re-installing your computer

  • Transfering your license to a new computer

  • Activating a new license while another one is still activated

Automatic deactivation of XLSTAT

Open Excel, then click on the About XLSTAT button in the XLSTAT ribbon. A dialog box appears. Click on Deactivate.


Confirm that you wish to deactivate your license.


If the process goes well, your license should be deactivated and your XLSTAT version back to Free or Trial, depending on how much time you had left on your evaluation.

If you wish to activate XLSTAT on a new computer or change your license key, please follow this tutorial to activate your license again.

Manual deactivation of XLSTAT

It is possible that the automatic deactivation fails. This could happen if your computer is not connected to the Internet or if a restrictive firewall filters the request.

If the automatic deactivation fails, the below dialog box appears on your screen:


​To deactivate your license in this case, you will need to proceed with a manual deactivation.

Please note that this process requires a computer with an Internet access. It doesn't have to be the same computer that you want to install XLSTAT on.

Step 1: Proceed according to your situation: - If your computer in connected to the Internet, follow this link on your internet browser.

  • Otherwise, open the link on a computer with internet access.

Step 2: Copy the deactivation code from the manual deactivation window to the web deactivation form.


Step 3: You should be able to see the message below, informing you about the deactivation success.


Step 4: On the manual deactivation window in the XLSTAT interface, you can now click on Done. Only do so if you got the previous message, pictured in the Step 3. If you did not, please try copying the code again to the webpage before continuing.


Your license is now successfully deactivated.

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