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Activate your XLSTAT Campus license

This tutorial explains how to activate your XLSTAT Campus license.

The Campus license is specifically designed for a high number of activations within an academic institution. Read the instructions below in order to activate a Campus license.

What is a Campus license?

A Campus license is basically a Network license that must be activated on the XLSTAT server. If you want to know more about Network licenses, please read this guide.

Note: Campus license owners may also receive if purchased, a Campus extension. In this case, the license key can be activated directly on the machine instead of the server. Follow this tutorial to activate this type of key.

Prepare the XLSTAT Server

You first need to install and activate your license on the XLSTAT Network License Server Admin Tool.

Please follow this guide which shows you the way for installing and activating your Campus license.

Once the license is well activated, you can go to the steps of installing XLSTAT and connecting the users to the XLSTAT Server.

Installing XLSTAT

Two methods are possible to install XLSTAT.


Please see these tutorials for installing XLSTAT:

This method might not be convenient in the case all the computers are managed by an administrator.


XLSTAT offers the possibility to be deployed in your IT environment, by using our .msi installation files and some commands. This can be done through the GPOs or through your own Software Deployment Tool, we cannot help nor give any recommendation on this part.

To go further on the deployment, please scroll down to the next Deploying section which will give you the details about the automatic installation and activation of XLSTAT.

Note that the deployment is only possible for Windows users.

Connecting users to the XLSTAT Server

Two methods are possible to connect the users to the XLSTAT server.


To activate manually, please follow the section Connecting XLSTAT to the license server of this guide.


For the deployment, you have the choice:

  • To deploy the installation and connection to the XLSTAT server at one time. Be aware that this method will connect to the XLSTAT Server only the current session of the user and not the whole computer.

  • To deploy only the installation.

  • To deploy only the connection, by sending the right commands to the computer of your network.

For more details on the deployment of XLSTAT in your IT environment, please read this tutorial.

If you need further help, please contact our support team.

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