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Installing XLSTAT client and connecting to a license server

XLSTAT offers concurrent licenses. These are network licenses and can be installed on a server / client network. For more information on what is the concurrent license, please refer to this guide.

This tutorial explains how to connect to such a license server using your XLSTAT software.

Downloading XLSTAT

You can download XLSTAT on the Free Trial page of our website. Please fill in the form and click on the appropriate download button.


This guide requires that the Server part of the network concurrent license has been previously installed on a central server by an administrator of your organisation. If this is what you are trying to perform, please refer to the XLSTAT Server installation guide.

For the simple usage of XLSTAT, the IP-address or the hostname of the server needs to be provided to you by your administrator as it will be required to connect XLSTAT to it.

Installation of XLSTAT

If this was not already done, XLSTAT should firstly be installed on the computer. Here is a guide that will help you with that if you need to:

You do not have to activate XLSTAT using a license key. Such a key should already have been used in order to activate the XLSTAT License Server.

Connecting XLSTAT to the license server

In order to setup the connection to the server, simply start XLSTAT. This can be done using the Desktop icon or directly via the Excel ribbon.

  • If this is the first time you are installing XLSTAT, the Welcome window will pop up. Click on the Use another activation mode button.


  • If you are currently using the Free Limited version: open the software and click on Sign in in the XLSTAT ribbon.


Then, click on the Use another activation mode button.

In both cases, the activation window will pop up. Select the Network activation mode.


Enter the IP or server name in the specified field and activate the connection. You may change the port if your administrator ask you to change it, it is 7070 by default.


In the case that the XLSTAT Server has several activated licenses, you may have to select the right one you have to use.


You should then be informed of the successful activation.


From now on, on the XLSTAT startup, a token will be retrieved from the server in order to work with the license that was activated on it.
If you are informed about the failure of the connection establishment, please make sure that the typed address is correct and that the port is the one used on the server. If you still experience problems, please head over to the How to troubleshoot your network license setup guide.

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