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How to migrate an XLSTAT Server

This tutorial explains how to migrate your XLSTAT Server.

If you have a Network license, activated on an XLSTAT Server, it might happen that you need to move the XLSTAT Server to a new server. To do so, follow the following steps to accomplish this change properly.

Please note that you need to have a MyXLSTAT account and have your Network license attached to it. If you have not yet created a MyXLSTAT account, please refer to this tutorial.

Contact the XLSTAT support team

The first action is to contact our support team and let us know that you are migrating your XLSTAT Server.
See below the information we will need:

  • Your XLSTAT Network license key.

  • The expected date of the end of your migration.

  • Your MyXLSTAT account email (only in the case your Network license is not attached to your MyXLSTAT account).

Once we have this information, we will increase (double) the activation seats of your license, and put it back to normal once you finish the migration.

Modify your license in MyXLSTAT

The aim of this step is is to prepare your license before activating it on your new XLSTAT Server.

Before starting to do the following steps, ensure that no user is using XLSTAT during the operation.

Deactivate the license on the old XLSTAT Server

Open your XLSTAT Network License server admin tool on the old server, and deactivate the license by simply clicking on the Deactivate button.


Split your license into two parts

Go to your MyXLSTAT, then My licenses, and click on Delete assignment.


From the Quick actions window, click on Create a new assignment.

You will have to create two assignments there, so only use half of the total seats for each assignment.


You should get something like this at the end:


Activate your license on both XLSTAT Server

Now you just have to copy one of the two license keys for your old XLSTAT Server and the other for your new XLSTAT Server.


Activate it on both XLSTAT servers.


Note: deactivating and activating a new license key on the old server will not cause any issues for the users, while they are not using XLSTAT during the operation.

Migrate the users

Now your goal is that all the users connect to the new XLSTAT Server little by little and if this is done within the time you told us there will be no problem.
If you have a delay with the migration, please keep us informed.

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