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Installing XLSTAT Server with the XLSTAT Network Concurrent License

This tutorial explains how to install and activate your XLSTAT concurrent license on your server machine.


Please refer to the Technical Requirements guide in order to be sure that the XLSTAT Network Concurrent License can be used on your network.

Downloading the server software

You can download the server software from this link: Download XLSTAT Network License Server

Installation of the server

  1. Ensure that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) is installed on the server device (can be downloaded from here),

  2. Install xlstatnls.msi after downloading it.

  3. After the installation, the service XLSTATNLS should be added to your list of services.

  4. The service should have been started automatically. If it did not, simply right-click on it then select Start in the services list (accessible by pressing Windows + R, then typing services.msc).

Activating a network license on the server

Follow this guide in order to activate your network license. Please note that trying to activate a non-network license key here will result in an error.

  1. In your start menu, search for XLSTAT Network License Server Admin Tool and double click on it.

  2. Allow the program to launch as an administrator. This might require that you type in administrator credentials.

  3. Ensure that the server is in a Running state, starting it if it is not the case.

  4. Click on the Licenses tab.

  5. Click on the Activate new license button and paste or type in your license key.

  6. Click on the Activate button.

  7. Wait for the license to be activated. The service will automatically restart.

After this procedure your service should be activated with your license key. Ensure this is the case by reviewing the status displayed on the right side of the Information and controls tab. Your clients should now be able to retrieve a license using the address of this server and the port that is displayed in the Information and controls tab.

Note that it is possible to register several licenses on your XLSTAT Server. Here is an example of the view with 3 network licenses:


Deactivation of a license from the server

In order to deactivate the license that is activated on the server, simply open the same tool as for the activation and click on the Deactivate button, in the Licenses tab.

Upgrade and license update

Refer to the corresponding guide in order to upgrade your server to a new version or to update its license after a renewal.

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