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How to troubleshoot your network license setup

Depending on your environment, you might experience issues with the XLSTAT Network license server. This guide will help you on troubleshooting your installation. If you are looking for details on how to perform a proper installation in the first place, please refer to the corresponding guide by clicking here.

When clients cannot communicate with your server

The XLSTAT clients require to communicate with the server in order to retrieve its usage rights. This is done over the TCP protocol, on the port 7070 by default.

If you happen to experience problems when opening your XLSTAT clients, it might be because this connection cannot be established. This would cause the following message to appear:


In this case, please make sure of the following:

  • If you changed the default port, 7070, on the license server, make sure to make then change on the clients as well, so they know how to contact the server,

  • The Windows firewall blocks inbound connections by default. The TCP port 7070, or the one you set the server to listen on, should be allowed on the Firewall of the machine.

  • If you are in a large corporate network, it is likely that your server is in a different subnetwork as your client’s. In this case, the connection on port 7070 should be allowed on the firewalls that restrict the communications in between those subnetworks.

When the server cannot process requests from clients

When starting an XLSTAT client, you might come into XLSTAT starting with the Free Version. This could happen if the server was not able to process your request.


In this case, please make sure of the following:

  • That you activated a proper network license on your license server. This can be checked by opening the "XLSTAT Network License Server Admin Tool" and viewing the Licenses tab.

  • That your server is not suspended. This can be checked using the "XLSTAT Network License Server Admin Tool" from the start menu, on the machine where the server is installed.

If this guide did not help with your problem

If you were unable to find a solution for your problem, please contact us here with details on your setup. Here is what should be attached to your request in order to ease its resolution:

  • Details about how you performed the installation of your XLSTAT License server and your XLSTAT clients.

  • A copy of the support file of an XLSTAT client that experiences the problem. It can be generated from the About XLSTAT menu on the XLSTAT toolbar. On this dialog window, click Technical details then Support file.

  • On your license server, an archive of all files in the C:\ProgramData\addinsoft\xlstatnls\logs directory. If this archive is too large to be included in an email, please only include in the package the server.log files from the last 5 days or so.

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