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Request and activate the 14-day free XLSTAT trial

This guide shows you how to activate your XLSTAT trial version. The process is the same for both PC and Mac.

Download and install XLSTAT

The software should be downloaded and installed prior to do the activation process.

Create your MyXLSTAT account

When you open XLSTAT for the first time, a popup window will appear (see below).

  • Click on Create an account to request a 14-day trial key.


  • Click on Register New Account or log in with your Microsoft or your Google account and follow the instructions until your activation is complete.


Please go to this tutorial to know how to create your MyXLSTAT account.

  • The activation will be done automatically. A message will appear to confirm that the license has been well activated.


Another way to request an evaluation license from the MyXLSTAT website

  • Log in to your MyXLSTAT account and go to the Applications section.

  • Click on your application.


  • Click on Get a free trial on the right pane.

If the text is greyed out, it means that you have already requested a trial.

  • Once this is done, you just need to log in to your MyXLSTAT in XLSTAT for your trial license to be automatically activated.

Feel free to contact our support if you need help. We will be happy to assist you!

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