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MacOS Sonoma - XLSTAT failed to be configured for its first startup

If you've encountered this error message during the installation or startup of XLSTAT after upgrading to MacOS 14 (Sonoma), you may be experiencing a known Apple OS upgrade issue. However, there's a straightforward solution that can help resolve this problem.


Users upgrading from Monterey to Sonoma may encounter difficulties with the XLSTAT installer, resulting in error messages during installation or startup.
This issue is not related to XLSTAT software itself but rather stems from an Apple OS upgrade glitch.


After thorough investigation and consultation with users, it has been observed that rebooting the system in safe mode and running the XLSTAT installer can effectively resolve the issue. Safe mode startup assists in fixing system files and caches, often rectifying installation-related problems.

Steps to Resolve:

Reboot in Safe Mode: Launch your Mac in safe mode.
By following the steps outlined in the provided support article, you can effectively address underlying system issues caused by the OS upgrade, thereby facilitating a successful XLSTAT installation.
Once in Safe Mode, proceed with running XLSTAT.

After booting in Safe Mode, run XLSTAT as usual, or run the XLSTAT installer if XLSTAT is not installed anymore.
If the problem persists or if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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