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Error due to an Excel bug after launching an XLSTAT analysis

Excel bug error.png

This message (FRE01) occurs when an "unknown" error arises during the display of the results. The error may have different causes with multiple solutions. Please find below a list:

Cause 1: We noticed that this issue can happen with some wireless mouse.
Solution: Try disconnecting your wireless mouse or to connect another one if possible.

Cause 2: It may be because your laptop is running on the battery.
Solution: Plug your laptop into the electrical outlet.

Cause 3: This message has more chance to appear if we go through different sheets or workbooks while we are on the analysis dialog box.
Solution: Gather your data on one sheet and launch the analysis from your data sheet.

Cause 4: Requesting the analysis result to be displayed on different sheet than the data sheet, selecting a range.

Select range.png

Solution: Request the result to be displayed on a new sheet generated automatically by XLSTAT.

Select sheet.png

Cause 5: It is also possible that this message appears when you work on a corrupted workbook or which previously got a lot of crash.
Solution: Create a new workbook, copy your data into it and close the former workbook.

In all cases we suggest you to check if you have any Windows updates available to run, and in particular updates and/or optional updates related to your drivers.

If none of the above solutions fixes the problem, please contact us for more assistance.

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