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XLSTAT-R doesn’t appear in the XLSTAT ribbon on Mac

You have already followed the tutorial INSTALLING R FOR XLSTAT-R ON MAC but XLSTAT-R still does not appear in the XLSTAT ribbon?

Please follow the instructions below to solve the above issue:

1. Go to XLSTAT Options.


2. Go to the XLSTAT-R tab.

3. Ensure that you have this path in the Rscript.exe field: /usr/local/bin/rscript​


4. Save any changes if necessary.

5. Close the window.

6. Quit Excel.

7. Click “Go” in your Mac ribbon to open the path ~/Library/Group containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User content/Add Ins/XLSTAT.


8. Move the XLSTAT-R folder to the trash.


9. Open again XLSTAT and you should now see XLSTAT-R in your XLSTAT ribbon.


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