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Save a 3D model to reuse it later or on other data

This tutorial will show you how to save and reuse a 3D-plot model in XLSTAT. Our aim is to show that it is possible to reuse visualization models built with XLSTAT-3DPlot with different data sets.

Note: For a visualization model to be reusable, it is necessary that the data have the same structure and that the variables have the same names.

How to proceed

When you select the Data1 data, and when you click on the 3DPlot button of the "Visualizing data" toolbar, you obtain a result which is close to the image below.


After a few modifications, you can obtain the following result which is more spectacular and readable.


Once this view has been obtained, in order to reuse the formating on another data set, we have saved it under the name demoM3D.m3D, using the "File / Save as" command of XLSTAT-3DPlot.

As an example, we want here to resuse the visualization model, on the second data set Data2 which is on the same Excel sheet as Data1. To do so, we close XLSTAT-3DPlot, then we select the Data2 data, and then we click on the 3DPlot button. Once the first visualization appears, we use the "File/Open" command of XLSTAT-3DPlot to apply the previously saved format to the new data. The next image shows the result.


As a conclusion, by saving the visualization models you can save time and build a library of reusable high quality formats.

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