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How to use MyXLSTAT?

MyXLSTAT is a web interface designed to give you more flexibility and a better experience when using our software. It allows you to manage your licenses. Read the What is MyXLSTAT tutorial for a detailed description.

When you create your MyXLSTAT account for the first time, you will automatically receive a personal account.

If you want to share your license with other users, then you have the option to create an organization account.

The user who creates an organization automatically becomes the owner.

To use MyXLSTAT properly in an organization environment, you should first familiarize yourself with the different possible roles:

  • User: You can manage licenses for yourself only.

  • Administrator: Your role is to manage your organization's licenses and their users.

  • Owner: There is only one owner who can manage everything.

The following explains the purpose and possibilities of each section on the left side of the MyXLSTAT account, which may differ depending on your status.


The screenshot shows the view for an owner or an administrator of an organization, a user account does not have the Users section.

Administration of licenses

The most important action when you own a license in your MyXLSTAT account is to manage assignments.

When you create a new assignment, you can assign your license to yourself or to another user in case of an organization account. This action is essential to be able to use your license in XLSTAT.


If more than one seat is available for your license, you can choose how many seats you want for this assignment. This option is particularly useful for an organization account when you need to create assignments for multiple users.

Once your assignment is created, a new license key is generated, which you can see in the Assignment list.

From there you have access to several options, such as viewing your license key, the activation list, and deleting assignments.


Personal account

This is an individual account that allows you to manage the license(s) assigned to your account.

You are the only user who has the possibility to:

  • Create new assignments.

  • Deactivate activations (from the activation list).

  • Delete assignments.

Organization account

The purpose of this account is to share licenses among several users of the same organization.

Here is a list of the different ways to manage licenses, depending on your role:

1. User

  • See which licenses are associated with your account.

  • Deactivate activations (from the activation list).

  • Delete assignments.

2. Administrator

  • Add an additional purchased license into the organization.

  • View the list of all available licenses for the organization.

  • Create new assignments.

  • Deactivate activations (from the activation list).

  • Delete assignments.

When you are an Administrator and create a new assignment, you have the possibility to choose between 2 options:


Nominative: You must select a user to whom to assign the license

Anonymous: You don't need to select any user, but you will need to give the created license key to the user, for them to activate it without connecting to any MyXLSTAT account.

3. Owner

You have the same rights to manage the license as the administrator.

Administration of users (only for administrators and owners)


User list

This is the list of all members of your organization.

From here you can invite a user, delete existing users and access their details by clicking on them in the list.

Pending invitations

When you send an invitation to a new user, it will remain in this tab until the user joins the organization.

You can delete a pending invitation. This prevents the invited user from joining the organization until you send another invitation.


The management of groups is still under development. In this section you will be able to create different groups, add users and then assign licenses to a group of users.


Here you can find all the available applications to download.


In this section, you will find some resources you may need, including:

  • Links to our online help center.

  • Our complete XLSTAT guide, so that no analysis is a mystery to you anymore.

  • The .msi files are available for download, if you want to perform a silent XLSTAT installation on Windows.

  • The download link for the XLSTAT server is useful if you are the administrator of a network license.

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