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How to create a MyXLSTAT organization account?

MyXLSTAT allows you to manage your licenses using an Organization account. You can share your licenses with all the users of your organization, delete seats, and more.

What is the purpose of an organization account?

When you purchase a license, you receive an email inviting you to create a MyXLSTAT account. If you are responsible for managing the XLSTAT licenses within your organization, we strongly advise you to create an Organization account with the name of the organization you work for. This has many advantages:

  • Send an invitation to the users of your organization who will be using XLSTAT so that they can create an account. They can then activate their license in XLSTAT.

  • Assign the number of possible activations for each user. For example, you can define that user X will be able to activate XLSTAT on 2 computers while user Y will be able to activate it on only 1 computer.

  • View the list of users that are using the licenses of your organization (hostname, operating system used, date of the last activation, etc.)

  • Deactivate the license of one of your users remotely from the MyXLSTAT account of your organization.

  • Create user groups within your organization. For example a group for team X working on project A and team Y working on project B.

How do I create my organization?

To create your organization, go to your profile and click on Create my organization.
Untitled (8).png
Then, enter the name of your organization. Make sure you write this name correctly because it will be impossible to modify it later.
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Once created, all licenses from your personal account will be automatically transferred to this new Organization account.

How to delete an organization account?

Before doing this operation, you must make sure that all the users of your organization are deleted and that only the owner is left.

Then, go to your profile and click on the Return to a personal account button.
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All licenses of your organization will be transferred automatically to your personal account.

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