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Microsoft has blocked macros from running

Please note that only the end user remains responsible for the security of downloaded files used on their own machine. The following unlocking guide is provided for informational purposes only, and our company disclaims any responsibility for the consequences that may result from its use. We strongly recommend taking necessary precautions and verifying the security of files before any use.

When you download a file from our tutorials, you may be blocked from using them correctly. After opening the file, you'll see a warning saying that Microsoft has blocked the execution of macros because the source of this file is unreliable.

As indicated by this message, this is linked to the fact that macros contained in Excel files can be malicious and present risks. By default, therefore, they are blocked by your computer.
However, the macros in our tutorial files are safe and required for certain XLSTAT features. You can unlock them as follows.

- Close the file.
- Right click on the downloaded file and go into the Properties.

- At the bottom of the General tab, select Unblock and click OK.


You will then be able to click on Enable Content when opening the file again, so you can use all the XLSTAT functions properly.

Please note that the procedure described here will have to be repeated for each new tutorial file downloaded. Systematically and automatically unlocking macros involves significant changes to security settings, which we do not recommend.

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