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License error 'maximum number of activations has been reached'

The following error appears while activating your XLSTAT license but no activation seats are left:

"You have reached the maximum number of activations allowed for this key"

Scenarios and solutions

  1. You transfer your license to a new computer without deactivating it on the old one.
    Solution: You need to deactivate your license key on your old computer. A deactivation guide is available here.

  2. You try to reactivate XLSTAT after formatting your computer or after your hard disk has crashed.
    Solution: Please report the error and send your license key to our technical support.

  3. A user has left the company and you try to activate XLSTAT for a new user without deactivating the license on the previous user session (this applies only for multi-users licenses).
    Solution: Please report the error to our technical support including information such as the license key and the username of the old user's session.

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