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Upgrading to the new XLSTAT for Mac version

The installation process of XLSTAT for Mac has changed since the release of XLSTAT 2017.4. Please follow this guide in order to migrate from the previous installation to the new one.

1- Uninstalling your previous XLSTAT version

Before the installation of the new XLSTAT for Mac, it is required that you uninstall the previous version.

In order to do this, please execute the uninstaller that is located here: Applications > Addinsoft > XLSTAT > Uninstall_XLSTAT. Double-click on the Unistall_XLSTAT application to start the process.

Uninstalling old XLSTAT for Mac

Follow the uninstaller's instructions until XLSTAT is removed from your Mac.

2- Installing the new version

Please download the new XLSTAT version from this link: Download.

Click on the xlstat.dmg file you have downloaded.

Launching the XLSTAT dmg

Accept the software license agreements then drag the XLSTAT icon and drop it on the Applications folder.

Dragging XLSTAT and dropping it on the Applications folder.

Once this is done, eject the installation drive by right-clicking on it and selecting Eject "xlstat".

Ejecting the XLSTAT installation drive.

3- Launching XLSTAT

Once you installed XLSTAT, head over to your Applications folder then double-click on XLSTAT.

Starting XLSTAT.

XLSTAT should configure itself for the first startup, opening and closing Excel windows in the process. Once this is done, XLSTAT is all set.

In the future you can start it directly from the Excel ribbon or toolbar, just as before.

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