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Your perpetual license does not give access to the version of XLSTAT you have installed

After installing XLSTAT, you will get the following error message if:
You have a perpetual license but you have no longer access to free upgrades and support.


How does a perpetual work?

When you order a perpetual license, you get a one-year of free upgrades and support. This means that your license never expires but once your upgrade & support term has been reached you have no longer access to new releases.

When does this error appear and how can I fix it?

If you see the above dialog box, it means that you have installed a recent version although your upgrade & support term has been reached. There are two solutions:

  1. Login directly to your MyXLSTAT to download this version directly.

  2. Order a one-year upgrade and maintenance. This will give you access to the latest version as well as all upcoming version for a year.

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