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What is MyXLSTAT and how to use it?

MyXLSTAT is a web interface designed to improve your flexibility and experience when using our software.
With your MyXLSTAT account you can:

  • Have a complete overview of your licenses

  • See how many seats are already in use and how many are still available

  • See who is currently using them in your organization

  • Create your own organization account, invite specific users and assign licenses to them

  • And much more...

When you create your MyXLSTAT account for the first time, you automatically get access to a personal account. If you want to share your license with other users, you will have to create an organization account from a personal account (see below).

Personal account

This is an individual account that allows you to manage the license(s) associated with your account.
See here to learn how to create your personal MyXLSTAT account.
Once created, you can sign up to MyXLSTAT and link your license to your MyXLSTAT account.
Here is a list of the different ways to manage your licenses in this account:

  • View the expiration date of your license and renew it if needed

  • View if your license is a trial or not

  • View the solution of your license and options

  • View the number of current activations

  • Access the list of activations and remove them if necessary

  • Copy the license key and display it if needed

image.pngView of my Licenses

Organization account

This account is used to share licenses between multiple users in the same organization.
Here's how to create an organization account.
Here is a list of the different ways to manage licenses, depending on your role:

1. User (My Licenses)

In this case, you have access to the same information as described above, in the personal account.

2. Administrator (Licenses of My Organization)

Here is a list of the different ways to manage licenses:

Administrator view of a MyXLSTAT organization account
If you need any help, please contact Support.

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