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Updating your XLSTAT license

Once your XLSTAT annual license arrived to its expiration term, you can renew it through your user account page, My XLSTAT. It is also possible to order an update for a perpetual license for which the upgrade & support period has ended via your My XLSTAT.

Checking your XLSTAT license

On your computer

You can check how much time you have left on your license directly from XLSTAT on your computer. It can be seen from the About XLSTAT window, accessible on the ribbon of Excel.

For an annual license, if that date has been reached, you have to renew your license in order to keep using XLSTAT.

For a perpetual license, the expiration date should appear as Unlimited. You can keep on using XLSTAT as it for as long as you wish. The maintenance of expiration date field indicates the date at which your upgrade & support period ends. More details on this below.



The status of all your licenses is visible on your account page, My XLSTAT. From this page you can check the expiration date of your annual licenses or perpetual licenses' upgrade & support period.

For an annual license, a line with a red background indicates an expired license. When valid, you have the possibility to download the latest XLSTAT version from that location.

As for the perpetual licenses, they will always be marked as valid. The expiration date correspond to the term of the upgrade & support period. A download for your version will always be provided on this page, even if the term has been reached.

Order a renewal or an upgrade

Through My XLSTAT you have the possibility to renew your annual licenses or update the upgrade & support period of your perpetual licenses. To do so, all you have to do is clicking on the right-hand button on the line corresponding to your license.

  • Annual license renewal:

    The annual licenses can be renewed by clicking on the Renew button. You will be redirected to the Order page, where the product to be renewed has been automatically selected for you.

  • Perpetual license maintenance expiration date upgrade:

    Once your upgrade & support term has been reached, the XLSTAT version available for download will be the last version that was released before the end of the upgrade term. It is possible however to order a one year expansion for it by clicking on the Update button. You would be redirected to the order checkout page, with everything ready for you to update your term. You would be getting the latest released versions of XLSTAT once again for a new year.

Once the update or renewal purchased, you should receive an email from At this point you can visit again the MyXLSTAT page to download again the latest version of XLSTAT. The Activating or updating your license section below will help you with activating your new annual license or updating your perpetual license.

Activating or updating your license

Activating your new annual license

For renewed annual licenses, the activation is the same process as for the first activation. It is described in the following guide: Activating your XLSTAT license

Updating your perpetual license's maintenance term

  1. The first thing to do is downloading the latest version of XLSTAT. Please download it from your MyXLSTAT page.

  2. Uninstall your previous XLSTAT version and install the one you just downloaded.
    Here are installation guides describing how to perform this, for assistance:

  1. Start XLSTAT. Here we have two possible scenarios:

  • On the About XLSTAT window, there is no Refresh nor Deactivate button (picture below). You are likely updating from an old XLSTAT version. If this is your case, please follow this guide in order to activate your license:

  • After launching XLSTAT, a popup appeared indicating that your perpetual license does not give you access to this XLSTAT version (picture 1). If this is your case, and/or if a Refresh button is available on the About XLSTAT (picture 2), please click on it in order to refresh your license. Your license should then be updated and XLSTAT ready to be used again (picture 3).

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